Erin Duffy and Kevin Outterson

Can We Prevent Antibiotic Resistance?

Since 2016, CARB-X has funneled funding and expertise to companies developing life-saving new antibiotics. The nonprofit’s management team includes Erin Duffy, chief of research and development, and Kevin Outterson, founding executive director and a BU School of Law professor. Article by Robin Berghaus for The Brink. Photos by Cydney Scott. Antibiotics have saved countless lives…

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Entasis scientist Dr. McLeod

Stepping Back to Move Forward

How Entasis Pivoted to Engineer a Novel Antibiotic For years, Entasis Therapeutics had been designing a molecule to target Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an opportunistic bacterium that rapidly evolves to evade antibiotics and kills an estimated 334,000 people annually around the world. As the arsenal of antibacterial drugs to treat P. aeruginosa has diminished, the CDC and WHO have both identified it as a top health threat. Midway…

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BU Brings free dental care to mexico

Tackling Tooth Decay in Teacapan

Video, article and photography by Robin Berghaus published in BU Today and Bostonia magazine “Cierres la boca,” says Alexandra Antonescu, instructing a pediatric patient to close his mouth around a suction tube. That’s one of the frequently used Spanish phrases that Antonescu learned from a cheat-sheet taped to a wall in the St. Pierre dental…

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Myq Kaplan

Myq Takes the Mic

Video, photography and article by Robin Berghaus appeared on BU Today and Bostonia magazine “Not knowing what would happen was nerve-wracking,” says comedian Myq Kaplan on facing the biggest audience of his career. Five million viewers tuned in to Last Comic Standing to see which contestants on NBC’s hit reality show would survive. “My performance…

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Extreme Dentistry in a Faraway Place

Article and photographs by Robin Berghaus appeared on BU Today and Bostonia magazine Locals call it the bush, a term used to describe anyplace you can’t get to by road. And you can’t get to the tiny town of Bethel, in Alaska’s Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, by road. You have to fly in from Anchorage. That’s how…

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Boston University at night

Lights out? Call the Electrician

At 4 p.m., the start of a shift that runs until midnight, electrician Robbie Lohnes — wearing his signature baseball cap and navy blue sweatshirt embroidered with a BU Facilities logo — reports to the 120 Ashford St. stockroom. After requesting three fluorescent bulbs to replace ones that have burnt-out at emergency call stations, he…

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Chris Kwan and Corey Pettit

Big Meaning in the Smallest Movements

Article by Robin Berghaus appeared on BU Today and Bostonia magazine.Above: Chris Kwan demonstrates his Camera Canvas software to Corey Petitt. Photo by Cydney Scott Born with spastic quadriplegia and cerebral palsy, 49-year-old Rick Hoyt has never been able to speak or use his hands to write. But that doesn’t mean he can’t communicate. Hoyt, who is best known…

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